Bambert Project P5

P5 Bambert Project

Earlier this month, Primary 5 were delighted to host a number of both costume and set designers for a full day workshop based on the theatre company Barking Gecko’s 9-1.jpgBambert’s Book of Lost Stories. We were lucky to be chosen as one of only three schools to be given this opportunity.

Working in small groups, each class focused on one of the many stories that make up the body of the performance. The children’s task was to create a model-box version of the set, having taken inspiration from their own rehearsal and performance of the script. Whilst predominantly Expressive Arts and Technology focused, the workshop required creativity, problem-solving and excellent group work. One model box from each class was voted for by the children and these three representatives will be on display at the Brunton Theatre in Musselburgh alongside examples from only three other schools in Edinburgh.

Well done to all of the children who engaged with a particularly challenging task in a responsible and mature manner. Primary 5 are seeing Bambert’s Book of Lost Stories as part of the Edinburgh International Children’s Festival and we hope they are now looking forward to it even more than they already were!

Look below to see the fabulous work!



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