Striving for Excellence 

Working together to make a Great School.

I would like to welcome you warmly to Davidson’s Mains Primary School and hope that you and your child have a long and happy relationship with us. This is a very successful school situated in spacious and pleasant grounds with a long history of serving the Davidson’s Mains area of Edinburgh. Pupils from age three in nursery to age twelve in primary seven are accommodated in our large and varied buildings. We are a large school but we aim to maintain the friendly, supportive family feel of a school at the heart of its community where every child is well-known and valued and they and their parents feel a strong sense of belonging to the Davidson’s Mains Primary family. Our strong staff team strives to encourage our pupils to develop a growth mindset to learning and through this the ability to use their talents and skills to their full potential. We also aim to build confidence and resilience when faced with life’s setbacks and ensure they develop the skills to become successful life long learners.

We have a clear set of values which give a strong foundation to our ethos and behaviour.

Respect Integrity Responsibility Fairness and Justice Consideration for Others Tolerance and Acceptance

Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world Nelson Mandela