January 2016

Dear Parents and Carers

Reporting to Parents and Carers

As a school we are improving the way we share your child’s learning journey with you. After extensive discussions with the staff team and with the Parent Council the programme for the rest of the session is as outlined below.

There will be three planned opportunities in the year to talk to your child’s teacher ; parents’ consultation in October (held already), one in February and another in June. Prior to both of these latter occasions you will be invited to comment on your child’s learning. This will allow for more dialogue with the teacher and for primary four and above, an opportunity to talk with your child and their teacher together.

From previous feedback from parents, we would like to provide some time for the next steps in learning given in reports to be addressed. We will therefore provide a one page report in April which will focus on your child, their strengths, progress and next steps for learning. It will not contain the information on curriculum areas covered as this is provided in the learning overviews sent out at the start of each term. An example of two new reports are here and here

The third parents’ consultation in June will be an opportunity for parents and carers to discuss the report and the progress made since April in addressing the next steps.

In June you will be issued with your child’s levels – where your child is currently working within the Curriculum for Excellence – and their attendance for the year. An example of this sheet is on the school website here

There will be an additional opportunity for those parents/carers who might be able to attend to come into school and share the learning journal and profile jotter with their child. The dates are available here. This is organised in houses so that you can see all your children together. We realise that this is short notice however are keen to pilot this idea this session.

We will seek feedback on these changes at the end of the year and we will take comments into consideration when planning for the following year.

Kindest Regards

Lesley Nock

Head Teacher